• Do Dogs Need Collagen Supplements?

    Do Dogs Need Collagen Supplements?

    Collagen is everywhere these days. Health and wellness experts tout the many benefits that collagen supplements have for men and women of all ages. It can help strengthen hair and nails, revitalize skin, and ease joint pain. 

    But can collagen bring the same benefits to favorite furry friends? The answer is a resounding yes. Collagen is just as good for man’s best friend as it is for you.

    What is Collagen? Why Is It Important?

    Collagen is a protein that is naturally abundant in your pet’s body. Collagen helps give structure to your pet’s muscles, bones, and connective tissues. It’s in their skin, teeth, and coat. It is an important part of your pet’s overall physiology.

    Collagen also plays an important part in the functioning of your pet’s body. It cushions vital organs. It supports bone development. It supports healthy skin and a healthy coat. It keeps your best boy’s and goodest girl’s joints cushioned and mobile.

    As your pet ages, however, collagen production slows down. There are other environmental factors that can inhibit collagen production. With all the important functions collagen serve, it’s vital that your dog has a good source of collagen to keep them happy, healthy, and young at heart. 

    Benefits of Collagen for Dogs

    There are many benefits of adding a collagen supplement into your pet’s health routine. 

    1. Supports bone, muscle, and joint health. When collagen production slows down, your dog can lose bone mass. A collagen supplement can help prevent that bone loss and help keep their bones strong. Collagen can also support healthy inflammatory responses which help with sore joints. Even if your dog doesn’t have joint problems, collagen can help muscles and joints recover after exercise and keep everything loose and supple.
    2. Aids in digestion. There are a few ways that collagen can help maintain healthy digestion in your dog. First, it can help break down the proteins in food so meals are digested and absorbed efficiently. Collagen also is used to build up your dog’s stomach lining, which helps soothe irritated areas of the gastrointestinal tract.
    3. Improve the look and feel of skin and coat. Not only does collagen help the elasticity of your best friend’s skin, but it also helps keep it hydrated from the outside in improving allergic reactions, soothing hot spots, and other skin issues. Collagen will also help protect the integrity of the coat which helps keep him insulated and keeps grit and grime away from his skin.
    4. Keeps teeth clean. When a dog chews on a treat or chew, the chewing action helps to loosen plaque and tartar from their teeth. The collagen itself will also help keep teeth strong. 

    One thing to remember is that human collagen supplements should never be given to your pet. Human supplements can contain additives like flavors or additional nutrients that aren’t what your pet needs. 

    Your best friend deserves the highest quality collagen chew. At Barkworthies, we harvest collagen directly from the corium layer, which is made almost exclusively of collagen, to make our high-quality collagen chews. After cutting it away, we slow bake the corium layer to retain all the nutrients your dog needs. 

  • The Best Long-Lasting Dog Chews

    The Best Long-Lasting Dog Chews

    Your pet is the most important buddy in your life. Since this is true, you probably don’t skimp on quality when choosing your pet’s food, toys, or anything else. There’s another area you shouldn’t skimp on too, one many pet owners usually don’t think twice about. 

    Not all dog chews are created equal. Many of them are made from low-quality material and won’t provide your dog with the canine support and health boost it needs to live a long, happy life. If you care about the health and safety of your dog, you should know the best long-lasting and natural dog chews on the market.

    Qualities of a Great Dog Chew

    What makes a good dog chew? The best dog chews will provide unapparelled support for your dog’s teeth and gums. They’ll be environmentally safe and clean, giving way to a no-mess chewing session for your loved ones.

    A great brand will also provide dog chews in many shapes and sizes, as not all dogs are made equally; some dogs prefer a more rigid chew (not too sharp, of course!) while others prefer a smaller or smoother dog chew. Your dog should enjoy chewing and want to chew semi-frequently, in order to ensure healthy and shiny teeth.

    The Best Dog Chew Today

    Antlers are the best dog chews on the market today. Antlers come in a variety of shapes and sizes; many of them are smooth and small, perfect for a range of dogs. Antlers are clean and sanded down for a no-hassle, totally safe chewing session. In addition, they’re completely environmentally safe, as antlers are literal antlers that have been naturally shed from roaming elk and deer. 

    The antlers are collected, cleaned, and cut to give dogs a satisfying, absorbing chew. They’re also mess-free and odor-free, giving both you and your dog greater peace of mind. Best of all, they’ve never been chemically treated or altered, ensuring safety. For simple quality and naturally chewy material, there are no beating Antlers.

    Antler Sizes and Types

    Antlers are split into two types: elk and deer. Elk are twice as large as deer, meaning they produce larger antlers, both in terms of length and width. The thin outer core of an elk’s antlers provides dogs with a milder chew. 

    The thin layer surrounding the marrow of the antler is more easily penetrated and great for dogs who don’t chew as aggressively or frequently as other dog breeds. Deer antlers provide a contrast to elk antlers because of the thicker, more durable skin surrounding the core. Although the antlers are usually smaller, they’re a better fit for more aggressively chewing dogs because of the thicker layering.

    Chewing Experience Matters

    Many chews neglect to divide themselves between dogs who are just starting out and dogs who have long experience with chewing. Antlers solve this problem by dividing it into Split and Whole products. 

    Split chews are best for dogs that are mild or inexperienced chewers because they’re closer to a marrow center, meaning the dog is more likely to “savor” the chewing than aggressively chew through the bone. 

    Whole antlers are better for aggressive and more experienced chewers because of the dense barrier to the marrow center. They’re more intact antlers that make it tougher to get to the center of the marrow, giving dogs more of a “challenge.”

    Trust Barkworthies for Your Chewing Needs

    The Barkworthies Antlers antlers have all of the elements and qualities you need for a great dog chew. They’re made from a natural material, don’t go through any chemical cleaning or warping, are available in a vast array of sizes, shapes, and types, and provide your dog with a satisfying, fun chewing session. 

    Don’t trust your dog’s experience or health to just any dog chew. Put your trust in Barkworthies, a company with the experience, history, and quality that every pet owner, and every pet, needs. If you’re looking for the best chews on the market, look no further than Barkworthies.

  • It’s National Pet Dental Health Month!

    It’s National Pet Dental Health Month!

    Did you know that February is National Pet Dental Health Month? Each February, the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) sponsors this national recognition to emphasize the importance of dental health for pets. Their goal is to make sure pet owners check on their pet’s oral health and to help educate pet owners on how to properly clean their pet’s. The mission is aimed to help raise awareness of the consequences of untreated oral diseases in pets, which can lead to infection. 

    Signs to Watch Out For

    Paying close attention to your pet’s dental health can help you recognize changes that may lead to oral diseases. In between your regularly scheduled visits to the vet, closely examine your pet’s mouth for early warning signs of gum disease. These signs and symptoms to look for include bad breath, red or swollen gums, brown or yellow tartar crusts along their gum lines, or bleeding when the gums are touched. Any signs that seem concerning should be promptly addressed with your veterinarian.

    You should also watch for possible changes in your pet’s behaviors. Pets that are developing gingivitis or other oral diseases paw at their faces or mouths, drool, or be unwilling to eat harder foods. If you’ve noticed changes that may pertain to your pet’s oral health, bring this up to your veterinarian as soon as possible. 

    Regular Oral Health Maintenance at Vet

    Preventing painful and serious oral health concerns for your pet starts with regularly checking and maintaining good oral health for your pet. Your vet may recommend that your pet have professional teeth cleanings at regularly scheduled intervals, sometimes once or twice a year. If your pet has a known dental problem, this may increase. 

    A professional oral exam can allow specialists to use special instruments to scale and polish your pet’s teeth, remove tartar and plaque build-up, and thoroughly clean your pet’s teeth. This regularly scheduled professional teeth cleaning can be a simple way to prevent dangerous oral health problems from occurring. 

    Brushing your Pet’s Teeth at Home

    While regularly scheduled cleanings at the vet are a great idea, you should also be cleaning your pet’s teeth regularly at home. This is something that is often ignored by pet owners. Taking a proactive approach to preventing oral diseases before they occur is one of the best things you can do to help prolong your pet’s health and lifespan. 

    To perform at-home teeth cleanings, use a soft-bristled toothbrush to remove food particles and prevent build-up of plaque or tartar. Your vet should be able to recommend high-quality toothpaste that is designed for your pet and will be made to taste appealing to make the job easier to do.
    Looking for more ways to help maintain good dental health for your pet? Check out Barkworthie’s products, like their premium Bully sticks, with hard chewer options to help support your pet’s chewing needs. Bully sticks can help support good dental health, as chewing can help scrape away built-up plaque and tartar. Grab some for your furry friend today!