Canine Fitness and Active Dog Month

Just like activity and movement for humans, canine activity and fitness are essential to the general health and wellbeing of your dog. Lack of movement and activity can lead to negative health outcomes for dogs, such as a higher risk of diseases like cancer and diabetes, difficulty breathing, sore joints, and more. Did you know April is Canine Fitness Month? The entire month of April is dedicated to raising awareness around the importance of canine fitness and activity.

Below, we’ll explore the importance of physical activity for dogs and ideas to get your dog moving!

April is Active Dog Month

Have you realized your dog is not getting enough activity? It’s not too late to make some changes! Get involved with active dog month by encouraging your dog to partake in more physical activity, while enjoying the spring weather. Get active by exploring new parks and trails to take your dog walking or exploring a local dog park.

Even better, physical exercise can tire your dog out, and encourage them to get great sleep. To promote awareness, tell your friends and family about active dog month to get their dogs moving too.

Importance of Canine Activity

Inactivity for dogs can manifest into health concerns in a variety of ways. Too much sitting, in combination with overeating or poor nutrition choices, can lead your furry friend to gain weight. In turn, this excess weight can put them at risk for unwanted health problems. Dogs are meant to run and move! However, many dogs have become sedentary, especially when not given the space and opportunity to get outside and get moving.

Many poor health outcomes are linked to dogs with a sedentary lifestyle that is easily preventable! Taking the necessary steps to ensure your dog gets proper physical activity each day can greatly improve their health.

Ways to Get Your Dog Active

There are many fun ways to get your dog active to stay healthy! The great news about these options is they also encourage physical activity for humans, which is equally as important. Below are some easy ways to start increasing your dogs’ physical activity:

• Go on a simple walk! Too often, dog owners neglect necessary walks. This is the easiest and simple way to get your dog walking and burning calories. If you don’t have time due to a busy schedule, many dog walking services are available to tackle this problem.

• Play fetch with your dog. Using their daily allowance for treats, encourage them to stay active by running to fetch a ball or object. As a reward, you may give your dog a healthy treat.

• You can also try one of many fitness games designed to get dogs moving. Your vet or local pet center may have creative ideas for this, as well as many online resources.

• Obedience drills are also a great way to encourage physical activity for your dog. This could be things such as obstacle courses or tasks for your dog to perform. This can be done either indoors or outdoors, depending on the weather. The goal is to find any creative way to encourage fun and physical activity for your canine.

This April, get involved and keep your dog moving throughout active dog month!

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