Breaking Down Dog Tik Tok Trends

One of the best parts of scrolling through TikTok is all the dog videos. Our fave furry friends are social media stars with their energetic goofiness and all-around adorable vibes. We also love seeing the activity trends social-media-savvy dog owners get up to, but some of them are better for man’s best friend than others. Here’s our take on some of the latest TikTok trends for dogs.

#1: Sharing Food

We all know how much some dogs love the taste of our food. Begging for table food is a cliched dog behavior for a reason after all. However, you really shouldn’t be having your dog (large or small) join you at the table to share food. Not only does this set a precedent for bad behavior (do you really want your dog to want to sit at the table during a dinner party?), it also can set up poor eating habits.

Your dog’s nutrition is a big deal. Good dog food has been carefully formulated to meet the nutritional needs of your pet; nutritional needs that are different than your needs.We have our food, dogs have their food. Except for maybe an occasional table treat, your dog should be sticking to their favorite dog food for their meals.

#2: Sharing Needed Info

Yes to this! All of these foods are, in fact, poisonous to dogs. This is another reason we are not huge fans of TikTok trend #1. In case you can’t see the video, the list of toxic foods are:

1. Grapes & Raisins

2 Onions & Garlic

3. Nuts

4. Milk & Dairy (not toxic but intolerant to some)

5. Chocolate

6. Peaches & Plums Pits

7. Alcohol

8. Candy

9. Xylitol (sugar alternative)

It’s important to understand what your dog can and cannot eat, especially if you like to sneak them human treats from time to time. However, it’s also important to fact check any information you get off of social media if it’s not from a verified account you trust. 

#3: Cool Summer Treats

Who knew dogs loved sno-cones as much as we did? If you can find a sugar-free sno-cone syrup, this is a great summer treat to share with your dog. Cool snacks on a hot day are a great way to help your pup regulate their temperature and keeping it sugar-free is the way to keep this treat a healthy one (just make sure the sugar-free snowcone syrup doesn’t have any Xylitol). Local ice cream shops may also stock dog-friendly ice cream treats during the summer months. If you want a DIY frozen treat, try freezing a cow hove stuffed with peanut butter as another snack.

We know how much fun it is to show off your favorite good boy to all your friends and followers but it is important to keep their health and welfare in mind when you do. What are some of your favorite TikTok dog trends? We’d love to hear about them!

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